Biased rankings through rating portals – yelp

On yelp’s rating portal, users are able to rate and review any company they wish to. However, yelp forms its overall score purely from user contributions that have been ‘recommended’ by a software program beforehand. One gym thus received a poor overall score, although 90% of the user contributions submitted were positive. It suffered losses in turnover and fought back fiercely. And rightly so?

Trade mark infringement by a webshop – Posterlounge

POSTERLOUNGE carries out a Google search for its own brand, ‘Posterlounge’. Google’s result list directs the user, among other things, to ‘Hood’, one of the largest online marketplaces that hosts auctions as well as online shopping. On ‘’, third parties are selling products that compete with those of POSTERLOUNGE. How could this have occurred and who is responsible?